¡Ya me voy a España!

22 May

It´s been a few days since I found out that I am going to Spain to teach at an immersion elementary school at the end of the summer. I am so excited. I wanted to run up and down the halls of the school and shout from the rooftops “Ï am going to Spain! I am going to Spain!” but had to contain my excitement. Why? you may ask. Well, my daughter, who is about to graduate from high school, was in the classroom when I found out. She began to cry because she will be a freshman in college and will be alone at the university.

She is excited for me too, yes, she is. But, she is sad because she won’t have a home to go back to on weekends when she is feeling lonely, and I won’t be around to talk to when she is stressing. This saddens me as well, as I long to be there for her as she struggles through roommate problems, the difficulties of time management, and the basic adjustments in her first year in college. Granted, with the Internet, Skype, Smart phones, IM, Twitter, Facebook and all the other apps and gadgets available to us today we will only be a fingerstroke away from each other, it is just not the same as cara a cara.

Her daddy will take care of her as will my brother who lives close by as well, but no one is the same as good ol’ mom. All of her family will be there to support her but it is not the same as coming home to her bed, in her room, with her stuff to comfort her when she needs. Her older brother assures me that he believes her to be a confident, independent woman and will do just fine.

But I digress. Living in Spain and teaching English has been my lifelong passion. Finally, after thirty years, I am going to fulfill that dream. I have lived in Germany and Alaska, traveled in Europe and Mexico and many places in the US, raised three wonderful children, met fantastic people along this journey. I would not trade any of it to have fulfilled this dream earlier in my life. Life is full of twists and turns; the choices we make form who we are and who we become. Treasure every moment you have – the good, the bad and the ugly. Take from each moment, each event, each person you meet along the way, a positive attitude and make it an experience from which you learn and grow. If you think that you will never reach your goal or achieve your dream, then you probably won’t.

But I am here to tell you, even when life deals you lemons (trust me I have had plenty), make lemonade. I make some mighty fine lemonade these days, and it has finally brought me to my dream of living in Spain…thirty years later.


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