Un Día Lleno

10 Sep

Where do I begin? I was to have a full day, planned by Roger. He owns his own travel agency and had been invited to check out a cruise ship in the town of Getxo, not too far from Bilbao where I will be teaching. Later, we would be going to the Circo de Horrores, very famous and traveling from Madrid. I had my doubts about that one, scared it would give me nightmares.

Let me begin telling you about my day by reminding ALL of you who know me, I am NEVER late. Not by Spanish standards anyway! Roger (Roh-hair, Spanish pronunciation-style) asked me to be ready by 10 am this morning so I was the typical 15 minutes late I usually am (about 10:15 or so – pretty good – Spanish are notoriously running behind, or so I thought.) Well, ten fifteen came and went and it was almost eleven before Roger emerged from his habitación! The cruise invitation/tour was supposed to start at 11:30 and it was more than an hour away. And that doesn’t include the getting lost on the way to the port of Getxo (Getcho). El límite de velocidad on the autopista varies from 80-120 kmph (50-70 mph) but trust me, Roger´s car hugged those curves as though we were driving the German autobahn sin límite (without a limit). Again, the drive was gorgeous, the mountains beautiful, the sun a brilliant orb in the sky.


We arrived late. ´Twas not my fault this time. I swear. I was ready on time. We arrived at 1230 pm, and had to catch up to the tour. Reception told us the tour was on the 8th deck looking at the suites, but we couldn´t seem to locate them. So we popped in empty rooms, taking pictures of each other, the rooms, the views from the balconies, all in the name of the ¨Agency.¨ It was so much fun. We were like kids in a candy store!


We finally heard the group, caught up to them and finished the tour, checking out the pools, the bars, the discoteca, kids´ areas, and my favorite – the spa. Roger´s favorite part – the food – was a delight. We were treated to our choice of wine, beer, refreshments and a five course meal. We talked with our table mates and roger introduced me as having just arrived from Kentucky. So one gentlemans stated, “Ah – famous for chicken?” I gave him a puzzled look because all I could think of were the Tyson poultry farms in Western Kentucky near Owensboro – how would he know about those?! He noticed my hesitation and then said, “Kentucky Fried Chicken.” Ah, I laughed! How could I forget! I had just driven by Corbin, KY, Colonel Sanders birthplace twice in the last week. Claudia Sanders Dinnerhouse is in Shelbyille, where I just moved from! So now I had to explain that I really don’t like KFC and fried chicken. It’s not a place that I frequent often, if ever. And after eaten some of the best food  I have never eaten so well in all my life these past few days, I will never eat there again. There is no comparison.


We drove back to Doností – San Sebastián and took advantage of siesta time. (I love this place more every day.) Again, Roger advised to be ready by 6 pm so we could be at the Circo de Horrores for the 7 pm show. I have no idea what traffic is like, how long it takes to get there, how long the colas might be or anything of the sort, so I was ready by 605. Again, only 5 minutes late. Roger was still in his boxer shorts! We didn´t leave until 630 pm. Madre mía! We arrived in plenty of time, of course, (This is Spain, you know.) We had front row seats and imagine my real horror when the host of the program looked at me and addressed me FIRST, in SPANISH, my third day in country, and started asking me questions! I was truly horrified, but lucky for me, I knew all the scary words (we always did a Halloween unit in Spanish 1 and 2 classes) and I knew what he was saying – GRACIAS a Dios! Then he addressed Roger, and a few others in the first couple rows of the audience. The host was actually quite funny in his commentary. He told me I might get scared to the point of spontaneous menstruation during the performance.


Actually, it was a circus, complete with clowns, acrobats, gymnasts, and other such types of performances. The only difference was the type of music played was macabre and morose rather than upbeat and playful and the actors were zombies, mummies, and other such Halloween-type characters. Quite frankly, I hate circuses but I loved this one. I am not a fan of Halloween either, but I thoroughly enjoyed the use of these characters in this venue. I would recommend this Circo de Horrores to anyone, as it was very entertaining, humorous and totally captivating.


To end the evening, Roger took me to a quaint restaurant he frequents for some paella langosta con champán. Again, he outdid himself. I didn´t tell him I have never had lobster before. And that I wasn´t sure I would like it. I ate parts of that lobster (the body and head) that I didn´t think I would. Quite tasty I might add. I didn´t think I was being too lady-like with the juices squirting all over the places, picking at different parts with fingers and cracking the shells and digging in heartily, but at least when the plates were cleared, my side of the table was cleaner than his!


All in all, I will use the word Roger learned how to pronounce today to describe the day- AMAZING.



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