11 Sep

Coming to a new city is quite an undertaking, I must say. Especially when it is a European city, with all the roundabouts, one way streets, the names of the streets changing every few blocks, and here, in Basque country, the names of the streets being written in Spanish on one block and on the next being written in Basque! No wonder I have been lost more than once these past few days! No worries, though, once I find my way to the beach, or start walking the river, I always find my way back home. It is an easy city to navigate (Doností-San Sebastián, that is.) That is where I am staying with my host, Roger for the time being while I look for a place in Bilbao, the capital of Vizcaya.

It is not hard to get lost. Why? because there are also so many other things to distract me. (I know, hard to believe!) The gorgeous fountains, the beautiful trees and plants crowding the sidewalks, the cafés and bars sprinkling the sidewalks with the gente relaxing and enjoying their glass of wine or cup of coffee. I am also distracted by the names of everything. One would think I were in a foreign country or something! Seriously, I did expect a learning curve coming here, but so many things are written in Basque or Basque and Spanish that I find myself translating in three languages. It is certainly taking a little more time for me to ´fit in,´that is for sure.

On the other hand, my Spanish is improving by leaps and bounds every day. My castellano accent is returning and I am not feeling as much of a hick from Kentucky as I did when I first arrived. I am understanding much more than I did than that first day (Ay – I barely remember anything Roger said and understood even less!) I am getting the hang of using Vale to say OK instead of saying Bien. I am beginning to fit in. And when I don´t need a plano (map) to get me out of a tight spot on my way home, I will know I am where I am supposed to be!


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