Las Navidades Escolares

21 Dec
Teacher Agape Dinner

Teacher Agape Dinner

Today is the end of the world! At least as we know it. So say the Mayans. Here in Bilbao, it is the festival of Santo Tomás, a day when the people of the surrounding villages come to the city to sell their wares for Christmas – crafts and  local food. At school, it was a day of parties and celebration for la Navidad. The students prepared for a couple of months, wrote the scripts and performed the skits. I was amazed at the creatiity and political astuteness of this generation of students. Everyone knows about the Spanish economic crisis, right? About all of the severe cuts the government has made? Well, these students don´t like it and they let us know! They had a very cute skit where students were sitting comfortably at desks with large, oversize pencils. Then a group of officials arrived with the ¨recortes¨ and cut the pencils in half, took away the desks and half the chairs, leaving students to make do with very little. Sound familiar? I was surprised by the political awareness of these young people.

After the student performance, the day ended for the students and began for the teachers. Teachers arrived in the Sala de Profesores for an Agape with chorizo, vino tinto, txokoli, pan, y murcilla – which was absolutely delicious! And yes, there were alcoholic beverages served on school premises for teachers, purchased with school monies! What a novel concept.Overall a very nice day. Off to the festival de Santo Tomás!


One Response to “Las Navidades Escolares”

  1. terry washer 10/01/2013 at 19:45 #

    Kelly I was wondering how you are and caught up with your adventures today. I think of you often and glad to hear that you sound like you are doing great. what about churches there I bet there are some pretty ones, is the mass the same though? when keith and I honeymooned in aruba we unknowingly attended a Spanish mass I was pretty much lost but at same timesurprised at how much I did remember- only three years in high school don’t remember if I had any in college. I am really proud of you , don’t think I could have evr done it take care and God bless.

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