In December 2011, I began the arduous process of becoming a Profesora Visitante Norteamericana to Spain. In May 2012, my dream of moving to Spain was becoming more of a reality when I was selected to become one of the Profesores Visitantes Norteamericanos in el País Vasco. Some warned me not to go because of the ETA terrorists who sometimes cause trouble in other parts of Spain. Others warned me not to go because of Spain´s economic troubles. I accepted despite the warnings because I had a dream, and this was my way of fulfilling it.

Well, the economic part was to put a hiccup in my dream, because all of us Profesores Visitantes waited and waited for the coveted Carta de Nombramiento (appointment letter) so we could secure our visas or renew our TIEs (resident cards for those already living in Spain.) On July 16 the Spanish government canceled the program but offered us placements in another program, less prestigious and much, much less money. I was out of a job for a year (I am on Sabbatical from Shelby County Schools) and had my heart set on living in Spain. I had already started making connections in Spain and País Vasco through my latino friends in Louisville, KY. I accepted the alternate offer, and here I am in País Vasco.

This is my account of ventures while living and working here, while teaching English as a tutor in a secondary school in Bilbao. I will supplement my income teaching private classes as well. Please leave comments or write me and let me know how I am doing!


One Response to “About”

  1. Victoria 12/10/2012 at 02:18 #

    I live in Pais Vasco at the moment too and reading your about reminds me of the exact same reactions and things I got told before I came here, but their comments to me are irrelevant to me right now, I’m in love with everything Basque, especially Pintxos 🙂

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